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Trams in prague prague tram system covers a large area of the city about 530 km of tracks and transports every year about 330 million people. Prague castle has for over a thousand years symbolized czech statehood. Combining this means of transport with the metro, passengers will be able to travel anywhere in the city the first tram, which was pulled by horses, started running on 23 september 1875 due to the horsecar trams constantly derailing and the introduction of the first electric. You can find quite a few of them on our page to help you better understand prague metro system.

The locations of major sights are marked, as well as the nearest tram stop. For more information about public transport, visit the information desks located at selected metro stations. Maps for the metro, the citys monuments, prague castle, and many other places are useful resources to have during your stay. Mol bubi public bike system mol bubi 24hour ticket 500 huf mol bubi 72hour ticket 1 000 huf mol bubi weekly ticket 2 000 huf the mol bubi public bike system is an environmentally friendly public transport mode ideal for short rides to explore the city on two wheels. Praha, tramvaje a metro, denni provoz, v echny zastavky. Edit this map prague night tram and bus lines map near prague, czech republic. Pragues best attractions underground map metro, trams and trains of prague integrated transport system prague airport the prague metro network is made up of 3 lines marked with different letters and colours.

Prague metro consists of three lines which are made of sixtyone stations and you can download prague metro map pdf file free. Istanbul metro, tram and public transport map 2020. All tram lines are operated by the prague public transport co nostalgic line 23. There are around 600 tram stops on 35 regular tram lines 26 during the day and 9 at night, plus one special. Trams in prague are quite a fast way of getting around and, compared to the metro, you will have the chance to see much more. I am a regular traveller to prague and use the tram system a lot and like to have a map to plan my travels. Pragues tram network operates on around 150 kilometres of double tracks with 1435 mm track gauge. Uptodate information about public transport routes. Later we will prepare some other usefull information about prague. Getting around using prague public transport livingprague.

Trams and metro in prague offline map pdf countriesregions. Its been extending to the fringes of both asian and european sides. Trams and metro in prague offline map in pdf moovit. Warsaw tram is a transit system serving the city of warsaw poland with the metro, the suburban train and the bus. Between 2010 and 2020, many new metro lines were put into use. Trams are also pragues oldest method of public transport. Istanbuls public transport system has been growing rapidly in recent years. The prague tram network is 88,5 miles 142,4 kmlong and consists of 22 daytime tram lines and 9 night lines. The tram network has 27 lines forming a rail network of 75 miles 120 km. The prague metro is the most important urban transportation system in the capital of the czech republic. For this reason, it is important to follow the current maps for those who will visit istanbul. This map can be saved in your phone and its easy to share with friends. The whole line will be served only by the oldest type of t3 trams, which should also leave all other tram lines on the same date. Prague maps to download prague map, metro and trams map.

Check the tram timetables to find the departure times or see other traffic maps. Ticket costs begin at czk24, which will get you a shortterm, 30 minute ticket often all you need, while a 90minute ticket costs czk32. Pragues best attractions underground map metro, trams. Are you visiting prague and want to have an offline map to view without internet connectivity. The prague integrated transport system pid prazska integrovana doprava includes trains, trams, metro, fernicular and boat transport options for both locals and visitors. I have never been able to find a good online map, i bought a map of prague through amazon several months ago only to find that it was over 6 years out of date and some of tram routes on it had changed or been discontinued. Prague is a very easy city to get around with a great underground metro system as well as trams and buses. It operates approximately every 5 to 10 minutes, and passengers can get on or off as they want a 32 czk standard ticket is. Therefore the istanbul metro map should be updated often. The prague tram streetcar system is the largest tram system in the czech republic, consisting of 140 kilometres of track, over 900 tram cars, and 33 lines with a total route length of 540 km.

Prague maps section gives you information on various maps of prague that you will find useful when travelling in prague using public transport or while on a walking tour of prague. The tram t1 operates between the old city and modern istanbul. In total, pragues metro sometimes also referred as subway or underground has 61 stations with a total length of 65 kilometers, and every year it services. One of the largest castle complexes in the world, with historical palaces, church buildings, extensive gardens and picturesque vistas. Founded in 1974, this is a middleaged metro with three railway operating lines.

From 25th march 2017 a new tram line number 23 operates in prague. Moovit has an easytodownload trams and metro in prague map, that serves as your offline prague light rail or subway map while traveling. The whole line is served only by the oldest type of t3 trams, which should have left all other tram lines on the same date. Maps included are prague metro map, prague trams and metro map, tourist map of historical city center of prague. Rather than this technical information, you will be probably interested in more practical matters like. Tram system in prague, czech republic 2011 for lovers of. The trams, along with their terminus stops, have been retrofitted in 1980s style. This page deals with all things related to use of prague public transport including trams, trains, metro, city buses and funicular.

Pragues tram system works perfectly as a budget standin for a tour bus service. Instead of going on a prague bus tour, take a free tour on a tram. New nostalgictourist tram line 23 in prague since 25th. Prague s tram network operates on around 150 kilometres of double tracks with 1435 mm track gauge. Prague public transport also offers one and threeday tickets, for czk110 and czk310, respectively. The prague metro is used to carrying about 600 million people per year. Day shift you can reach the city center by trams 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 14, 24. The tram network is quite extensive and often overlaps with the metro system, making changing transport modes relatively easy and quick. This map shows useful tram routes for sight seeing. With tram, you can have access to downtown prague and places, where the buses do not enter. Whether you need subway, bus, light rail, train or trolleybus maps, tourist maps, monuments maps, neighborhood maps, bike maps and more moovit can help. The istanbul metro has been growing quickly for the last couple of years. In total, prague s metro sometimes also referred as subway or underground has 61 stations with a total length of 65 kilometers, and every year it services more than half a.

You can filter each line a green, b yellow, c red or display specific station using the map legend arrow in the topleft corner. Trip planner list of routes tram route 9 on the map of prague. Prague metro is so favourite as it is fast, clean, efficient, and typical means of transport for prague. Old town stare mesto, lesser town mala strana, castle district hradcany, new town nove mesto. Transport in prague, metro map, trams map and luxury.

Istanbul metro and tram map pdf 2020 istanbul clues. Moovit has easytodownload transportation maps in pdf format from around the world. Istanbul metro and public transport map istanbul travel blog. If you are thinking of doing a fantastic free tour of prague, in the different maps you can check some of the places that we will visit with the tour. The prague public transport system uses three types of tickets short ride tickets and long ride tickets and passes. There are 61 stations making up a total length of 65. The city center tram network operates during the day and night. The prague city transport authority dopravni podnik dp praha network covers the whole city of prague and includes trams, city buses and metro subway. The first 30 minutes of each trip are free with a ticket. Praha, tramvaje a metro, denni provoz, v echny zastavky author. Trip planner list of routes tram route 8 on the map of prague. Metro m1 connects the ataturk airport to sultanahmet and taksim. The prague tramway network is the largest such network in the czech republic, consisting of 142. Horsedrawn trams appeared on the streets in 1879, but by 1891 the first electric tram was in operation.

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